D.C. Circuit Court Rejects Motion for Stay of the Net Neutrality Rules

Last Thursday, the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit rejected the motion for stay of the FCC’S Net Neutrality Order, submitted by the telecom and cable industries.  In response to the D.C. Circuit Court’s decision, Chairman Wheeler released a statement:

“This is a huge victory for Internet consumers and innovators!  Starting Friday, there will be a referee on the field to keep the Internet fast, fair and open.  Blocking, throttling, pay-for-priority fast lanes and other efforts to come between consumers and the Internet are now things of the past.  The rules also give broadband providers the certainty and economic incentive to build fast and competitive broadband networks.”

Commissioners Pai and Clyburn also released statements in response to the court’s decision.  Commissioner Pai noted that he was “disappointed” in the court’s denial of the motion, but “pleased that the court did not suggest that the rules are in fact legally valid.”  Commissioner Clyburn stated that she was “pleased that the [rules] to ensure there are no slow lanes on the Internet become effective tomorrow” and that she was “proud to stand up for the consumer”.

The Commission’s new Open Internet rules went into effect Friday, June 12, 2015, except for the enhanced transparency rules, which are still subject to OMB approval.

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