FCC Releases Technology Transitions Report and Order

The FCC has released the Technology Transitions Report and Order, Order on Reconsideration, and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, which was adopted during the August open meeting.

The Report and Order portion of this item declines to adopt an approval requirement for legacy facility retirement, but does adopts a requirement for incumbent LECs to notify retail customers of planned copper retirements when such retirements remove copper to the customers’ premises.   The Report and Order also redefines the term “copper retirement”.

The Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeks comment on the criteria that the FCC may use to evaluate and compare replacement and legacy services under Section 214 review.

The Order on Reconsideration addresses (and ultimately denies) a USTelecom Petition for Reconsideration concerning the FCC’s use of the term “service” in Section 214(a).

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