The FCC has released a Public Notice announcing that the Fee Filer is open for annual regulatory fees, which are due to be paid on or before September 24, 2015.   In addition, the Commission has also released a Report and Order (R&O) and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPRM) concerning the 2015 regulatory fees and regulatory fees generally (attached).  In the R&O, the Commission takes the following actions:

  1. Reduces regulatory fees for the submarine cable/terrestrial and satellite bearer circuit (IBC) category relative to other fee categories in the International Bureau by an additional five percent;
  2. Implements the first fee rate for Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS), as a subset of the cable television and IPTV category, at 12 cents per year, or one cent per month;
  3. Implements the first fee rate for toll free numbers managed by a RespOrg of 12 cents per toll free number;
  4. Eliminates the regulatory fee component of two fee categories: amateur radio Vanity Call Signals and General Mobile Radio Service;
  5. Reallocates four International Bureau full time employees from direct to indirect.

In the FNPRM, the Commission seeks further comment on changes to the methodology in calculating regulatory fees for AM and FM broadcast radio and on reallocating FTEs from the Wireline Competition Bureau working on numbering and universal service issues.  Comments will be due 30 days after publication in the federal register and reply comments will be due 60 days after publication in the federal register.

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