In conjunction with the Commission’s Incentive Auction Procedures Public Notice, the Commission released a Proposed Rule that designates a second available vacant channel in the UHF television band for use by white space devices and wireless microphones in those areas where the duplex gap of the 600 MHz Band is subject to impairment by a television station.  Under this proposal a demonstration would be required in geographic areas where the protected contour of a television station assigned to the 600 MHz Band impairs the duplex gap.

The second vacant channel is in addition to the first vacant channel that the Commission tentatively concluded in the Vacant Channel Notice of Proposed Rulemaking will be made available in each area of the U.S. for shared use by white space devices and wireless microphones.  Similar to the first vacant channel, licensed as well as unlicensed wireless microphones would have access to the second available television channel.

The comment dates for the Proposed Rule are as follows: Comments are due September 30, 2015 and Reply Comments are due October 30, 2015.

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