The Commission released a Public Notice further extending the comment deadlines for interested parties to file comments and reply comments in the Commission’s special access rulemaking proceeding. The Commission is seeking comment on possible changes to its rules for the special access provided by incumbent local exchange carriers in price cap areas.  The new dates are as follows:

Extended Comment deadline: November 20, 2015
Extended reply comment deadline: December 11, 2015

Additionally, the Commission released a Public Notice updating the list of executed Acknowledgements from parties seeking access to confidential and highly confidential information submitted in response to the Commission’s special access data collection earlier this year. Companies that submitted confidential or highly confidential information in response to the collection have until September 24, 2015 to object to the disclosure of their data and information to any of the parties listed in the attachment to the Public Notice.

An overview of the current state of the Special Access proceeding can be found in the Commission’s press release.

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