FCC Releases Cellular SID Update

The Commission released a Public Notice reminding Cellular licensees of their obligation to update system identification number (“SID”) information with the International Forum on ANSI-41 Standard Technology (IFAST). The Guidelines for SID Administrators, which were issued as a result of privatizing SID administration, requires Commission licensees requesting or utilizing a Cellular SID assignment to keep administrative information current.

Cellular licensees must report any discrepancies in SID information to the SID administrator, including instances where a SID has been assigned but is not currently being used. There are currently 769 SIDs, listed in Attachment 1 of the Public Notice, that are being prepared for release to the free pool and subsequent reassignment. Cellular licensees must inform IFAST within 60 days of the Public Notice if any of the listed SIDs remain in use. Failure to update SID information may result in IFAST reassigning an operational SID Code.

Licensees are also directed to conduct SID searches at http://ifast.org/nationalsid.php.

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