Updated: Feb 9, 2018

The Commission released a Public Notice providing updates and other supplemental information on the Incentive Auction.  Specifically, the Public Notice announces that the pre-auction process tutorial for the forward auction will be available by January 19, 2016 and further provides:

  • additional information concerning access to the Commission’s bidding system (“Auction System”) for the reverse and forward auctions;
    • Authorized bidders for both the Forward and Reverse Auction participants will be mailed a SecurID token, similar to previous auctions. Forward auction applicants with “complete” applications must use this token to participate in the mock auction.
  • additional details about the grouping of Partial Economic Areas (“PEAs”) in the assignment phase of the forward auction; and
    • Attachment 1 to the Public Notice (starting on Page 5 of the filing) lists each PEA ad the REAG with which it will be associated for assignment phase bidding purposes.
  • typographical changes to two of the appendices released with the Auction 1000 Application Procedures Public Notice.

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