FCC Releases Public Notice Reminding CMRS Providers of E911 Outdoor Location Accuracy Deadline

A Public Notice has been released reminding CMRS providers using network-based location technologies of the upcoming January 18, 2016 Phase II deadline for improved outdoor E911 location accuracy.  Specifically, as of this date, covered providers must meet the following location accuracy standard at either the county or the PSAP level, based on outdoor measurements, for 911 calls:

  • 100 meters for 67 percent of calls, in 100 percent of counties or PSAP service areas covered by the CMRS provider across its entire network.
  • 300 meters for 90 percent of calls, in 70 percent of counties or PSAP service areas, which must cover at least 80 percent of the population covered by the CMRS provider across its entire network.

This benchmark is separate from and in addition to the subsequent indoor-focused location accuracy requirements that were adopted by the Commission in January 2015. The Public Notice also reminder all CMRS providers that the requirements for filing geographic Exclusion Reports are still in effect, and provides contact information and instructions for filing these reports as well.

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