FCC Releases Forward Auction Sample Data File Specifications

The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau released a Public Notice announcing that it has made available specifications for Auction System data file formats for the assignment phase of the Forward Auction (Auction 1002).  These specifications set forth the file formats in which information related to the bidding results will be made available to qualified bidders.

The Commission encourages prospective forward auction bidders to review the sample data files, which provide:

  • an overall description of each file;
  • the data fields that are included;
  • definitions of the data elements in each field;
  • the data type;
  • examples; and
  • notes about the file.

The Public Notice emphasizes that the sample data files are for illustrative purposes and do not reflect any predictions or assumptions about the actual bidding in the Auction.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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