FCC Releases Public Notice Regarding Consumer Signal Booster Information

The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau has released a Public Notice reminding nationwide wireless service providers of their obligation to release information regarding consumer signal boosters.  In February 2013, the Commission adopted new technical, operational and registration requirements for Signal Boosters in the Signal Boosters Report and Order.  Pursuant to these rules, nationwide wireless service providers must publicly indicate their status regarding consent for each Consumer Signal Booster that has received Commission certification by March 9, 2016.  The Consumer Signal Boosters that have received Commission certification are listed in Attachment 1 of the Public Notice.

As you may recall from the Report and Order, any carrier that voluntarily consents to the use of consumer signal boosters is required to create a registration system within 90 days from the date of its consent that its subscribers could use to register their signal boosters. However, only nationwide wireless providers are required to publicly indicate their consent status for each consumer signal booster approved by the FCC.

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