The information collection requirements in the rules adopted in the Lifeline Second Report and Order and the Order on Reconsideration have been approved by OMB for a period of three years.  This amendments to §§ 54.201, 54.400, 54.401, 54.404, 54.407, 54.410, and 54.417 are deemed effective February 17, 2016 per the Federal Register notice.

Specifically, the following rules will take effect:

  • Updating the definition of eligible telecommunications carriers, direct service, and Lifeline;
  • Updating instructions and number of respondents for FCC Forms 497 and 481;
  • Retaining eligibility documentation for enrollment and dispute resolution;
  • Revising the burden for consumer recertification;
  • Revising FCC Form 555 for annual reporting of subscriber recertification;
  • Requiring a uniform snapshot date for payment of low-income support;
  • Revising the subscriber usage requirement;
  • Requiring marketing and outreach plans;
  • Updating the ETC audit requirements;
  • Allowing electronic signatures for Lifeline subscriber certifications.

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