The Commission has released a Memorandum Opinion and Order denying Walker Broadcasting Company’s Application for Review, and Petition for Reconsideration.  The Application for Review (“AFR”) was filed in response to a letter decision by the Media Bureau denying and dismissing Walker’s Petition for Eligible Entity Status for purposes of participating in the reverse auction, and sought eligibility.  The Petition for Reconsideration (“PFR”) sought reconsideration of the Applications Procedures Public Notice, and a finding that Walker’s station was eligible to participate in the reverse auction until action on the AFR was final.  In the Order, the Commission affirms its previous decision that Walker’s construction permit was automatically forfeited pursuant to Section 319(b) of the Act, when it was allowed to expire on  April 3, 2009, and upholds the Bureau’s dismissal of the license application, thus, denying the AFR.  The Commission also dismisses, and alternatively, denies, the PFR, finding that Walker failed to identify a reason warranting reconsideration.

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