TLP’s Michael Lazarus Quoted in Law360 Article Regarding Charter-Time Warner Cable Deal

TLP’s Managing Partner, Michael Lazarus, was quoted in a Law360 Article regarding the Charter-Time Warner Cable Deal. Charter will be buying Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, forming the second-largest cable company in the United States. The new company will be known as New Charter.

Conditions on the merger have been approved by the FCC and Department of Justice. These conditions will prevent New Charter from charging customers usage-based prices for the next seven years, among other things.

In the article, TLP’s Michael Lazarus explains “Charter doesn’t have that sort of visceral reaction that people have to Comcast.” “There was a lot more hate attached to the Comcast deal.” Mr. Lazarus also stated, in connection with the conditions, “that ‘overbuilding’ is the kind of move Charter may not have committed to on its own but was willing to do in order to make the deal. The conditions are also in line with Wheeler’s goals, considering the chairman’s focus on online video and broadband deployment.” “I think in order to get this particular deal through that would create the second-largest cable provider, the chairman had to be able to tout what he would call public interest benefits.”

If you would like to read more, you can access the article here.

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