FCC Releases List of Completed Forward Auction Applicants

The FCC released a Public Notice announcing that 99 of the 104 applications received for the Forward Auction (Auction 1002) have been deemed complete.  Attachment A to this Notice lists these applications, while Attachment B lists incomplete applications.  The Notice reminds applicants that all Form 175 applications submitted during the initial application window became publicly available on March 21, 2016.

Future Releases & Information:

  • The Upfront Payments Public Notice will announce the upfront payments deadline along with instructions for submission. The deadline for submission will be at least 15 business days following the release of this Upfront Payments Public Notice;
  • Additional details on the bid upload feature, as well as specifications of the required file format for this feature will be provided in a forthcoming public notice;
  • Additional details about participating in the practice and mock auctions will be provided in a future public notice;
  • The Auction 1002 Qualified Bidders Public Notice will be released at least 15 business days before bidding in the initial stage of Auction 1002 begins. This notice will also announce additional dates and details about the Forward Auction.
    • Qualified bidders will have access to detailed impairment information and will also be eligible to practice using the Auction System and to participate in the mock auction.
    • Qualified bidders will be automatically registered for the Forward Auction and will receive registration materials, including the RSA token, via overnight mail.

Applicants are reminded that they must maintain the accuracy and completeness of information furnished in their applications to participate in Auction 1002, and any amendments concerning changes should be filed no more than five days after the change occurs.

In addition, the Notice reminds applicants that the prohibition on certain communications is still in effect.

Please contact us with any questions.

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