The Report and Order, FNPRM, and Order on Reconsideration regarding the new and proposed outage requirements were published in the Federal Register today, thus establishing the effective dates of many of the adopted rules and the comment dates for the proposed rules.

FNPRM: The deadlines for comments on the proposed rules are as follows:

  • Comments are due August 26, 2016·
  • Reply Comments are due September 12, 2016

Report and Order:  The adopted rules are effective August 11, 2016, except for those rules subject to OMB approval.  Please note that the compliance deadlines for particular rules may be pushed back several (i.e., 6, 9, 12) months from this date (see attached summary).  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about these dates.    The following provisions contain new or modified information collection requirements that have not yet been approved by OMB and therefore will not become effective in August:

  • Definitions of special offices and facilities and critical outage/airports under 47 CFR 4.5(b) and (c)
  • Definitions of OC3 metrics and interconnected VoIP clarifications under 4.7(d) and (e)(2);
  •  Adoption of (i) OC3 as a metric and (ii) a threshold of 667 OC3 user minutes under several provisions of 4.9.

The Commission will publish an additional document in the Federal Register announcing the effective date of the above provisions upon OMB approval.

Please contact us with any questions.