FCC Releases Orders of Rescission

The Commission has released a series of Orders either retracting or rescinding several Commission decisions and dockets.  The rescinded Orders are as follows:

  • Mobile Broadband Operators’ Zero Rated Content:  The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (“WTB”) released an Order in response to its “Policy Review of Mobile Broadband Operators’ Sponsored Data Offerings for Zero Rated Content and Services” (“Policy Review Report”).  The Bureau sent letters to AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon closing the inquiries into each company’s sponsored data and zero-rating offers, taking no further action.  The Bureau now rescinds the Policy Review Report and its corresponding conclusions.
  • E-Rate Modernization Progress Report:  The WTB, Wireline Competition Bureau, and Office of Managing Director Order set aside and rescind the “E-rate Modernization Progress Report.”
  • Cybersecurity Risk Reduction White Paper:  The Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (“PSHSB”) Order rescinds its “Cybersecurity Risk Reduction” white paper, including any and all guidance, determinations, and conclusions contained therein.
  • Improving Digital Infrastructure Paper:  The Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis Order rescinds its paper titled “Improving the Nation’s Digital Infrastructure” and any and all guidance, determinations, recommendations, or conclusions contained therein.
  • Fifth Generation Wireless Network and Device Security Notice of Inquiry:  The PSHSB Order sets aside and rescinds a Notice of Inquiry (“NOI”) it published in the Federal Register on January 23, 2017.  The NOI was in response to a direction from the Commission toward the Office of Engineering and Technology, the PSHSB, and the WTB within the Spectrum Frontiers Report and Order.  There is no longer a comment cycle associated with that document and the docket is hereby terminated.

Effectively immediately, all of the above Orders are therefore without legal or other effect or meaning going forward.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like any additional information.

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