Wireless Resiliency Cooperative Framework Submissions

The Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (the “Bureau”) has released a Public Notice inviting wireless providers that are interested in participating in the voluntary Wireless Resiliency Cooperative Framework (“Framework”) to submit their intent in writing to PS Docket No. 11-60 within 30 days from the Notice (Sept 2).

As you may recall, the Framework, which was submitted by AT&T, CTIA, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon set out a five-pronged approach for enhancing coordination during an emergency: (1) providing for reasonable roaming under disaster arrangements when technically feasible; (2) fostering mutual aid among wireless providers during emergencies; (3) enhancing municipal preparedness and restoration by convening with local government public safety representatives to develop best practices, and establishing a provider/PSAP contact database; (4) increasing consumer readiness and preparation through development and dissemination with consumer groups of a Consumer Readiness Checklist; and (5) improving public awareness and stakeholder communications on service and restoration status, through Commission posting of data on cell site outages on an aggregated, county-by-county basis in the relevant area through its Disaster Information Reporting Systems.

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