The Commission published in the Federal Register the effective date of the information collection requirements approved by OMB in the WEA Report and Order regarding the testing and logging requirements in § 10.320(g). Section 10.320(g) amends the rules on provider alert logging requirements, specifically for logging messages received and retransmitted, storage of messages, and alert logs for emergency management agencies. The amendments are effective as of today, January 12, 2018.

The Commission estimates that out of 80 respondents and 451,600 responses, the estimated time per response is between 2.5 seconds and 2 hours on a monthly and occasional reporting and recordkeeping basis. The Commission estimates the total annual burden at 125,360 hours with no cost and no impact on privacy.

Nationwide carriers have within 60 days (March 13, 2018) of this publication to comply with the alert logging requirements, and non-nationwide carriers have two years (January 12, 2020) for compliance from date of this publication.

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