FCC Publishes Wireless Microphone Consumer Disclosure Rules Effective Date in the Federal Register

The Commission published in the Federal Register the effective date of the Consumer Disclosure and Labeling rules originally adopted in the Wireless Microphones R&O, and further clarified by the 2017 Order, which provided the specific language that must be used in the Consumer Disclosure.

The FCC adopted the Consumer Disclosure rules in anticipation of the completion of the broadcast television incentive auction. This disclosure requirement is set forth in Sections 74.851(1) and 15.37(k) of the Commission’s rules. It is applicable to persons who manufacture, sell, lease, or offer for sale or lease, wireless microphone or video assist devices (either (a) wireless microphones or other low power auxiliary station (“wireless microphones”) or video assist devices, authorized pursuant to Part 74, Subpart H of the Commission’s rules, or (b) unlicensed wireless microphones authorized pursuant to Section 15.236) to the extent that these devices are capable of operating in the 600 MHz service band. This disclosure informs consumers that wireless microphone users must cease any wireless microphone operations in the 600 MHz service band no later than July 13, 2020. In addition, in many instances they may be required to cease use of these devices earlier if their use has the potential to cause harmful interference to 600 MHz service licensees’ wireless operations in the band.

The amendments to sections 15.37(k) and 74.851(l) are effective April 11, 2018.

Additionally, OMB approved the information collection requirements for §§ 15.37(k), 74.851(k) (labeling requirements for non-US markets) and 74.851(l) on January 18, 2018 for a three-year period.

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