FCC To Make MF-II Map Available for Challenge Process on April 10

The Rural Broadband Auctions Task Force (“Task Force”), in conjunction with the Wireline Competition Bureau and the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (“Bureaus”) released a Public Notice announcing that it is intending to release a map of areas presumptively ineligible for Mobility Fund Phase II (MF-II) support due to qualifying, unsubsidized coverage reported by one mobile provider. Release of this map will help ensure a timely and effective MF-II challenge process, as it will inform challengers of those areas where they will need to test the coverage of only one unsubsidized mobile provider.

The Task Force and the Bureaus plan to release the map on April 10, 2018. It will be available on the FCC’s website at https://www.fcc.gov/mobility-fund-phase-2.

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