The Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (“Bureau”) released a Public Notice (“Notice”) providing guidance to Commercial Mobile Radio Service (“CMRS”) providers on filing their certifications of compliance with the three-year E911 location accuracy benchmark. The Notice also reminds providers of additional location accuracy deadlines.

The three-year benchmark requires CMRS providers, both nationwide and non-nationwide, to provide, as of April 3, 2018, either 1) dispatchable location or 2) x/y location (latitude and longitude) within 50 meters for 50 percent of all wireless 911 calls. CMRS providers must certify that “they are in compliance with the location accuracy requirements applicable to them as of that date.” CMRS providers must certify compliance with this benchmark no later than June 4, 2018 (60 days after the benchmark date). This 60-day deadline falls on a Saturday, therefore pushing the certification deadline to the next business day, June 4, 2018.

Although the rules do not require any specific form or language for certification, a non-nationwide CMRS provider will be presumed to have met the three-year benchmark set forth if it certifies the following by June 4, 2018:

  • As of April 3, 2018, (1) it does not provide service or report live call data in one or more of the six Test Cities, (2) it is providing dispatchable location or x/y location information within 50 meters for 50 percent of all wireless 911 calls, (3) it has deployed the indoor location technology or technologies used in its networks consistently with the manner in which such technologies have been tested in the test bed, and (4) it has verified based on its own live call data that it is in compliance with the three-year benchmark set forth in the FCC’s rules.

Additionally, the E911 Location Accuracy Deadlines in 2018 for non-nationwide providers are as follows:

  • Live 911 Call Data Reports – Must be submitted to [email protected] by the first business day of the second month after each period for which data is reported. The reporting deadlines are:
    • August 1, 2018 – Non-nationwide providers submit 2018 first and second quarter data.
  • Provision of Uncompensated Barometric Data to PSAPs – August 3, 2018. All CMRS providers must submit this data with respect to any 911 call placed from any handset that has the capability to deliver barometric sensor information.
  • CMRS Provider 36-Month Progress Reports – August 3, 2018. All CMRS providers shall provide reports indicating implementation plan progress.

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