The FCC released a Statement announcing settlements with Sprint Corporation and Mobilitie, LLC in two separate but related investigations into whether the companies completed proper tower registration as well as environmental and historic impact reviews prior to construction of wireless infrastructure facilities. The investigations surrounded reports that Sprint allowed its contractor, Mobilitie, to construct certain wireless facilities with Sprint-owned small cells and equipment without securing pre-build regulatory requirements in an attempt to expedite deployment, and that Mobilitie did not timely complete registration of certain antenna structures and did not complete the environmental and/or historic preservation review process.

The Enforcement Bureau (“Bureau”) entered into two separate Consent Decrees to settle these investigations, with Sprint agreeing to pay $10 million and Mobilitie agreeing to pay $1.6 million to the U.S. Treasury, as well as committing to enhancing their environmental and historic preservation review compliance going forward and committed to self-reporting any apparent future violations.

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