WTB/OET Releases Public Notice Establishing Procedures for Registering ESC Sensors

On October 16, 2018, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and Office of Engineering and Technology (“WTB/OET”) released a Public Notice establishing procedures for registering Environmental Sensing Capability (“ESC”) sensors, as directed by the 3.5 GHz Report and Order (DA 18-1054, GN Docket No. 15-319). All ESC operators must complete a two-stage review process before final certification and FCC approval. ESC Sensor Registrations may be submitted at any time on or after October 16, 2018, which WTB/OET will review on a rolling basis.

Registrants must describe the Dynamic Protection Areas (“DPAs”) that will be made available and protected by the ESC’s sensor network, and proposals must demonstrate that the coverage provided by the sensors will comply with NTIA’s published guidance by providing Radio Frequency (“RF”) site configuration details for each sensor. RF site configuration details must include the following information:

  • site location by latitude and longitude and ground elevation;
  • radiation center height;
  • azimuth, horizontal/vertical beamwidth, and down tilt angle of the antenna in degrees;
  • antenna gain in dBi;
  • make and model of the antenna and its pattern;
  • DPAs made available and protected by each sensor; and
  • any additional ESC design specific information necessary to demonstrate adequate coverage of each DPA.

The coverage map must show all sensor site locations, and it is recommended that the map show corresponding DPA geographic areas covered and the borders of the DPAs. ESC Sensor Registrations may be submitted to [email protected]. Approved ESC Sensor Registrations will be posted in the GN Docket No. 15-319.

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