On January 3, 2019, the Commission released a Third Report and Order (“R&O”) adopting a proposal to extend the timeframe for collection of speed test data for the Mobility Fund Phase II (“MF-II”) challenge process by 90 days. Under this proposal, the Commission will accept speed test data for MF-II challenges collected on or after February 27, 2018, through the new close of the challenge window on November 26, 2018.

Additionally, the R&O extends by at least 90 days the timeframe for the collection of information to respond to a challenge. During this response window, respondents may submit information that was collected any time on or after April 29, 2018, through the close of the response window. Accordingly, a respondent would have at least nine months to collect speed test data for its own network or certain technical information probative of the validity of the challenger’s speed tests.

The R&O is effective upon publication in the Federal Register.

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