Auction 904 Application Instructions and Tutorial Available

On June 15, 2020, the Rural Broadband Auctions Task Force, Wireline Competition Bureau, and the Office of Economics and Analytics (Task Force/Bureau/OEA”) released a Public Notice announcing the instructions for completing short-form applications for the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Phase I Auction (“Auction 904”) (AU Docket No. 20-34). The instructions and an online tutorial focused on the applications process is available on the Auction 904 website under the Education tab.


When completing FCC Form 183, applicants must follow these instructions as well as the short-form application procedures set forth in the Auction 904 Procedures Public Notice. The instructions indicate how an applicant can select the specific state(s) in which it wishes to bid, choose the performance tier and latency combination(s) on which it wishes to bid in its selected state(s), submit operational and financial information demonstrating that it can meet the public interest obligations associated with the performance tier and latency combination(s) for which it intends to bid, disclose auction-related agreements, and provide information regarding its ownership structure, among other topics.


As a reminder, applications must be submitted by 6:00 pm EDT on July 15, 2020.


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