On July 17, 2020, the Commission released a Public Notice announcing the upcoming release of the Commission’s enhanced Payment Portal available to users through the updated Commission Registration System (“CORES”). The enhancements will provide a comprehensive FCC Registration Number (“FRN”) financial dashboard to improve and simplify how FCC users view their FCC-related financial data and make payments. To the extent, you have not already registered with the updated CORES to obtain an FCC Username and PW or you have not linked your FRNs to your CORES account, we recommend you do so in the near term to take advantage of the enhancements offered by the Portal once it is fully implemented (https://apps.fcc.gov/cores/userLogin.do).


Specifically, the new Payment Portal will:

  • Allow users to retrieve financial data for the FRNs they manage, including red and green light status, open bills, any other remittances generated from any FCC system that are awaiting payment completion, and payment history;
  • Permit users to select the type of payment they would like to make from an enhanced CORES payment selection screen;
  • Utilize the Department of Treasury’s supported technology to complete online (credit card and ACH) payments; and
  • Enhance and strengthen security.


The Commission’s release of these enhancements will take place over three phases:

  • Phase I begins July 24, 2020, and will allow users to access the enhanced Payment Portal directly by logging into the updated CORES with an FCC Username and password. Users that have not registered in the updated CORES with an FCC Username and password or have not updated their FRN to link it to a Username and password in the updated CORES may do so at any time to begin taking advantage of the Payment Portal upgrade or may continue to make payments through the existing payment platforms.
  • Phase II begins August 10, 2020, and will automatically connect users to the enhanced Payment Portal in the updated CORES without needing to log into CORES when users interact with the Commission’s Red-Light Display System, Fee Filer Online System, and ULS Pay Fees system.
  • Phase III begins September 4, 2020, and will redirect users of any FCC system or application connecting to the legacy Electronic Form 159 application to the enhanced Payment Portal.


Instructions on viewing open bills, remittances, and making payments in CORES, as well as information on registering and managing FRNs in CORES can be found at this link.


Please Contact Us if you have any questions.