FCC Releases RFI on Sharing DoD-Spectrum, DoD-owned 5G Network

On September 19, 2020, the Department of Defense released a Request for Information (“RFI”) seeking input on alternative approaches to allow for dynamic spectrum sharing (“DSS”) of the DOD’s allocated spectrum with military and civilian users in order to accelerate 5G deployment.  The DOD has requested information specifically related to the possibility of a DOD owned and operated independent 5G network and any potential issues that may arise with such a network.  The RFI further seeks information on the possibility of leasing spectrum as opposed to reallocation (and how revenue could be shared) and possible national security concerns, among other questions related to the “methods and approaches, and feasibility” of enabling DSS to further 5G deployment.


Responses to the RFI are due by 12:00 PM EDT on October 19, 2020.


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