On December 22, 2020, the Wireline Competition Bureau (the “Bureau”) released a Public Notice announcing best practices that providers of voice service may adopt as part of their implementation of call authentication frameworks, as required by the TRACED Act.  In general, the practices adopted by the Bureau recommend that voice service providers have systems and processes in place to ensure that they know the identity and legitimacy of the callers using their networks.  Additionally, they support the industry’s attempts to clarify the nexus between an originating voice service provider and the party making the call.  All practices issued in the notice are voluntary, though the Bureau does encourage providers to follow the recommendations where appropriate and applicable.


The best practice recommendations include: (1) subscriber vetting; (2) telephone number validation; (3) third-party validation services; (4) international call originators; (5)ongoing robocall mitigation programs; and (6) other possible best practices.


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