FCC Announces Updated PSAP Text-to-911 Certification, Readiness Form and RTT Registry

On March 12, 2021, the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (“Bureau”) released a Public Notice announcing updates to the Text-to-911 Registry, so that it also lists PSAPs that are ready to receive RTT-to-911 service and notifies providers of the date on which the PSAP became ready to receive RTT messages.   As you may recall, once a PSAP is capable of receiving RTT communications, CMRS providers must deliver 911 communications in RTT format within six months of a “valid request” from the PSAP, provided the CMRS provider has selected RTT as its accessible text communication method.  Registration in the Text-to-911 Registry now serves as the required notice of a “valid request” to CMRS providers for RTT-to-911 service.  PSAPs are not required to utilize the Text-to-911 Registry; a PSAP may still request text-to-911 or RTT-to-911 service by providing valid written request to the service provider.  The updated Registry is available at Text 911 Master PSAP Registry.xlsx | Federal Communications Commission (fcc.gov)


The Public Notice also provides updated certification and registration instructions for PSAPs who wish to request RTT-to-911 service from CMRS providers.


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