FCC Opens Final Window to Update C-Band Phase I Transition Plans

On September 3, 2021, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (“Bureau”) released a Public Notice announcing the opening of a limited filing window and directing Fixed Satellite Service (“FSS”) space station operators in the 3.7-4.2 GHz band (“C-Band”) to submit amendments to their final transitions plans, which had previously been submitted and updated during earlier windows.  During this window, FSS space station operators are required to account for any updates to their transition plans that have occurred since the close of the last window, July 7, 2021, and can also make adjustments to their Transition Plans for Phase I of the C-Band transition.   All amendments, explanations, and updated final Transition Plans must be filed on or before September 30, 2021.

The Bureau does not anticipate opening another Transition Plan amendment window prior to the Phase I transition deadline, December 5, 2021, thus, absent further instructions from the Bureau, no further amendments or updates to Transition Plans for Phase I will be accepted after September 30, 2021.  Further guidance about Transition Plan amendments relative to Phase II of the C-Band transition will be provided at a later date.  Eligible space station operators should confirm that all associated earth station antennas and feeds for which they are responsible for Phase I are listed in their respective Plans.  As a reminder, all Transition Plans should identify and address earth stations and antennas in the following categories: (1) antennas and feeds for which the transition involves circumstances beyond the control of the eligible space station operator and therefore have been subject to a transition delay notice; (2) antennas and feeds that have been included on an active 90 day public notice or are otherwise pending removal from the most recent Incumbent Earth Station list; and (3) antennas and feeds subject to an agreement regarding the transition between the eligible space station operator and the earth station operator.

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