FCC Announces Status of 2.5 GHz Short-Form Applications

On June 9, 2022, the Office of Economics and Analytics (“OEA”) and the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (“WTB”) released a Public Notice announcing the status of and providing additional information on short-form applications received for Auction 108, which will offer flexible-use overlay licenses in the 2.5 GHz band.   In total, OEA and WTB received 93 short form applications for Auction 108.  The 39 applications listed in Attachment A have been accepted for filing and designated as complete.  Each of these applicants will automatically become a qualified bidder, provided the FCC receives the applicant’s upfront payment by the June 23, 2022 deadline.

The 54 applications listed in Attachment B have been accepted for filing but were found to be incomplete or otherwise deficient.  Each of these applicants will receive a letter identifying the deficiency in its application.  To become a qualified bidder, each applicant must resubmit its application, having corrected any deficiencies, and make the required upfront payment deadline by the June 23, 2022 deadline.

As a reminder, upfront payments are due by 6:00 PM Eastern Time on June 23, 2022.

After the Commission reviews the resubmitted short-form applications and upfront payments, it will release a Public Notice listing all applicants qualified to bid in Auction 108, along with a bidding schedule for the mock auction and first day of bidding in the auction.  All qualified bidders will be automatically registered for the auction and registration materials, including the tokens required to access the FCC’s bidding system, will be sent by overnight delivery to an applicant’s listed contact person.

The Notice reminds all applicants that they have a continuing obligation to keep the Commission updated of any changes to their application and conduct all necessary due diligence.  It also reminds applicants that the rule prohibiting certain communications went into effect at the close of the short form application window and will remain in effect until after the down payment deadline.

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