FCC Announces Broadband Data Collection Updates

The FCC has made three announcements related to the Broadband Data Collection (“BDC”).  First, the Enforcement Bureau has released an Enforcement Advisory reminding all facilities-based providers of fixed or mobile broadband internet access of their duty to timely file complete and accurate data in the BDC on a biannual basis.  The inaugural filing window opens on June 30, 2022 and providers must complete their submissions no later than September 1, 2022.  Providers with one or more end user connection in service on June 30, 2022 are required to file data as of June 30, 2022 through the BDC.  Providers that fail to submit complete and accurate data by September 1, 2022 may be subject to enforcement action.  The Advisory also reminds Form 477 filers that they are required to continue to submit their Form 477s until the FCC announces a sunset of that filing requirement.

Second, the Broadband Data Task Force, Wireline Competition Bureau, and Office of Economics and Analytics released a Public Notice announcing that the production version of the Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric (“Fabric”), which will be used for the inaugural BDC, is now available for broadband service providers and governmental entities to access.   Providers that accessed the preliminary Fabric do not need to execute a new license agreement and will be able to access the production Fabric data files for their relevant geographic areas via a link that will be emailed to them by CostQuest.  Providers that did not access the preliminary Fabric may access the production Fabric by emailing CostQuest at [email protected], with the name and email of the provider’s contact, the provider’s name, and FRN.   CostQuest will then provide instructions on how to access the Fabric and how to execute the license agreement.

Third, the Broadband Data Task Force released a Public Notice announcing that fixed and mobile broadband providers and other filers of broadband availability data in the BDC may obtain early access to certain portions of the BDC system to enter identifying entity information in advance of the opening of the filing window on June 30, 2022.  Users will be able to register and become familiar with certain parts of the system before the opening of the filing window.  The BDC system is accessible at https://bdc.fcc.gov/.

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