TLP Encourages Interagency Cooperation on Broadband in a Manner that will not Defer FCC Broadband Programs Indefinitely

TLP submitted comments last week in response to a Notice released by the FCC seeking input on the interagency broadband coordination agreement with the NTIA and USDA.  TLP encouraged the agencies to cooperate in a manner that will avoid the wasteful duplication of services, but without putting the FCC broadband programs on hold indefinitely as has been proposed by some parties. TLP noted that the BEAD program managed by NTIA gives priority to fiber projects while many of the FCC programs focus on wireless services. The worthy objective of closing the digital divide and bringing needed broadband services to unserved and underserved areas will be best served if all broadband programs proceed, but with careful interagency coordination to avoid overlap. This outcome will achieve the objective of the recent infrastructure bill, which was intended to supplement existing programs, not to put them on hold.

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