October 20, 2022 Weekly Wireless Wrap-Up

Good afternoon from Washington, DC!  Below you will find this week’s Wireless Wrap-Up, your update on the wireless telecommunications regulatory landscape, important wireless decisions, and more!  Here is your wrap-up:

    • Throughout the week, the FCC has issued over forty letters to Broadband Data Collection filers denying their requests for confidential treatment of certain BDC data. Specifically, filers that requested confidentiality with respect to the link budget parameters and their signal strength heat maps all received letters from the FCC denying their requests.  Copies of the letters to the largest carriers are included below:
    • On 10/14, nearly 250 industry and public interest groups wrote a letter to Senate leadership calling on them to bring to the floor a vote on Gigi Sohn’s Federal Communications Commission nomination. Sohn was originally nominated by President Biden on October 28, 2021 and the nomination was renewed on January 4, 2022.  The Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation held a series of hearings on the nomination, the last having occurred on March 3, 2022.  The industry letter calls on the Senate to hold a vote so that a full Commission can begin deliberations on critical decisions.  A copy of the letter can be viewed here.

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