FCC Releases NOI on Caller ID Authentication in Non-IP Networks

On October 28, 2022, the FCC released the Notice of Inquiry (“NOI”) seeking comment on how to address caller ID authentication in non-IP networks, which was adopted at the October Open Meeting.  Specifically, the NOI seeks comment on the following:

  • The status of caller ID authentication in non-IP networks.  In particular, the NOI seeks comment on the state of non-IP network technology in general, how it has impacted the problem of illegal robocalls, and the pervasiveness of non-IP technology within the networks of originating and terminating providers.
  • The development of industry standards for caller ID authentication.  In particular, the NOI seeks comment on the two standards have been developed: the Out-of-Band approach in ATIS-1000096, and the Non-IP In-Band approach in ATIS-1000095.  The NOI also seeks comment on whether one standard should be adopted over the other.
  • Alternatives to implement non-IP network authentication.
  • The current status of the transition to an all IP-network.  In particular, the NOI seeks comment on the nexus between non-IP caller ID authentication and the IP transition, actions to continue to promote the IP transition, and whether the Commission should take a more aggressive approach.

Comments will be due December 12, 2022 and reply comments will be due January 11, 2023.

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