Information Requested on Robocall Traceback Efforts

On November 16, 2022 the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau released a Public Notice requesting that voice service providers and USTelecom’s Industry Traceback Group (“Traceback Group”) submit information necessary to compile the Commission’s annual report on private-led efforts to trace the origin of unlawful robocalls. This report is required pursuant to Section 13(c) of the TRACED Act.

The Public Notice includes a list of the type of information to be provided in the report, including, (a) a description of private-led traceback efforts; (b) a list of voice service providers that participated in such efforts; (c) a list of each voice service provider that refused to participate and the reasoning behind this decision; and (d) a description of how the FCC may use the information provided by voice service providers or the Traceback Group in enforcement efforts.

The reporting period for this request is from November 1, 2021 to October 31, 2022. Submissions are due by November 28, 2022.

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