FCC Published 911 Outage Notification R&O in Fed. Reg.

On February 15, 2023, the FCC published in the Federal Register the Report and Order adopting new 911 outage reporting requirements and harmonizing the 911 outage reporting requirements for 911 service providers and originating service providers, thereby setting the effective date.

The following provisions adopted in the Order are effective March 17, 2023:

  • Amendments to § 4.9(c)(2) and (e)(1) (instruction 2), which removed and reserved two subparagraphs ((c)(2)(iii) and (e)(1)(iv)) and made other minor editorial changes.
  • Amendments to § 9.19(d)(4) (instruction 5), which added subparagraph (4) requiring Covered 911 Service Providers that cease operations to notify the FCC within 60 days.

The effective date of amendments to § 4.9(a)(4), (c)(2), (e), (f)(4), (g)(1), and (h) (instruction 3), which contained the updated outage reporting requirements and threshold criteria, is delayed indefinitely to obtain OMB approval.  The FCC will publish a future notice in the Federal Register announcing the effective date of these provisions.

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