TLP’s Carl Northrop & Jessica Gyllstrom Featured on The Boon of Wireless Podcast

This week TLP Founding Member Carl Northrop and Member Jessica Gyllstrom were featured on The Boon of Wireless Podcast with host Jon Horovitz to discuss the complex world of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (“MVNOS”).  From the historical evolution of MVNOs to the intricacies of today’s regulatory challenges, Carl and Jessica explore crucial topics like international long distance authorizations, FCC compliance, and number portability.  They provide insights into the hurdles that new MVNO entrants face, such as navigating the FCC Form 214 process, and the importance of regulatory expertise in maintaining competitiveness and compliance.  .

Click here for additional information and to hear the podcast: Ep. 12 Navigating MVNO Regulations with Carl Northrop & Jessica Gyllstrom (

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