CVAA Compliance Lawyer in Menlo Park CA

An Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) law, the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) ensures that people with disabilities have equal access to modern technologies. As a telecommunications provider or manufacturer, CVAA compliance is essential to minimize legal risk and promote accessibility. For expert guidance in achieving CVAA compliance, turn to Telecommunications Law Professionals. 

What is the CVAA?

The CVAA imposes requirements on telecommunications providers and manufacturers to ensure their services, products, and equipment are accessible to people with disabilities. The CVAA establishes regulations in two areas: communications access and video programming access. Key aspects of the CVAA include: 


  • Advanced communications services and products must be accessible to those with disabilities unless doing so is not possible 
  • Closed captioning and video description must be provided for television and internet video programming 
  • Emergency information must be widely available 
  • Devices used to view video programming must be accessible 
  • Telecommunications providers/manufacturers and video programming owners/distributors must file annual compliance reports

Receive Professional CVAA Compliance Guidance

Telecommunications Law Professionals is a leading law firm specializing in CVAA compliance and telecommunications regulatory matters. Our team of experts can help you: 

  • Understand CVAA regulations and how they apply to your organization 
  • Develop and implement accessibility plans 
  • Prepare and file accurate annual CVAA compliance certifications 
  • Respond to any CVAA-related legal issues 


With Telecommunication Law Professionals’ expert guidance, you can confidently meet CVAA obligations, mitigate legal risks, and provide essential services to customers with disabilities. Discover your CVAA compliance needs and contact us today.