FCC and 5G Fund

The FCC has made significant efforts to deploy the emergence of 5g technology. For those unfamiliar, 5g refers to the 5th generation mobile network which was developed to yield even more connectivity and improve mobile security across the world. Since its inception, the FCC has proposed a 5g fund for rural America. For some time, rural parts of the country have experienced trouble obtaining access to major advancements in technology, even generations before 5g.

The 5g fund totals $9 billion which is to be distributed to rural America by the Universal Service Fund in order to ensure that residents living in rural areas have the same opportunities and benefits as those living on the coasts. The FCC is currently devising a strategy to help facilitate the deployment of 5g. 

Deployment of 5G

The FCC is aiming to distribute the $9 billion fund in multi-round reverse auctions in two phases in what is being called the FCC ‘FAST’ Plan according to FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai. 

Phase I would allocate at least $8 billion to deployment in rural areas that would otherwise not see 5g technology deployed in a timely manner. Phase II would allocate the remaining $1 billion towards deploying & optimizing for precision farming technology

The challenge that the FCC is facing now is whether or not to deploy 5g telecommunications technologies based on the Commission’s current broadband service maps, or wait to complete the Digital Opportunity Data Collection (DODC) report to gain more accurate mappings of areas that have lack of access to 3g and 4g networks. This would allow for the FCC to target areas that require more technological support but could delay the deployment of 5g overall. 

5g Telecommunications Experts

As 5g continues to deploy across the nation, the telecom industry is in for a shake up that will involve more than just the FCC but many technology companies as well. 5g technology will not only be affecting the giant tech conglomerates and telecom companies but nearly every industry that utilizes some form of wireless broadband internet for operations. 

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