HAC Lawyer Washington DC

We can assist non-lawyer attorneys who do not have a license to practice law in Washington, D.C. but wish to represent clients charged with criminal activity in the District and need help in complying with the District of Columbia’s criminal rules through Pro Hac Vice admission in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia.

What Does Pro HAC VICE Mean?

In the United States, pro hac vice admission is a legal procedure for adding an attorney to a case in a state where he or she is not licensed to practice law in order for the attorney not to engage in unlawful unauthorized lawyering. For example, an attorney from Ohio who is licensed to practice pro hac vice may appear before the New York court as long as he or she has a local lawyer acting as local counsel. Almost all states require attorneys who work pro-hac vice with a local counsel.

If you break the rules while practicing law in a jurisdiction other than your own, you may be subject to disciplinary action from both the Foreign and home court. reciprocal discipline means that an attorney who is sanctioned by one court may also be sanctioned by another. So, it’s important to take any promises made to adhere to local rules seriously.

In every U.S. jurisdiction, there is case law regarding the finer points of pro hac vice practice. Certain issues come up time and time again, and should be researched before admission to a foreign court.

Expert PRO HAC VICE Attorneys In Washington DC

Washington D.C., the capital of our nation, constantly has tourists and visitors from every corner of the world coming to experience our historical landmarks, museums, culture, and attractions. However, while on business or pleasure trips these people may come into contact with law enforcement, which might result in a criminal offense charge such as DUI, assault drug possession, or another traffic infraction.

We can help you with pro hac vice admission in either the Superior Court for the District of Columbia or the United States District Court for the District of Columbia if you are an attorney outside of Washington D.C. who is representing a client that is facing criminal charges here. As local counsel assisting both you and your client, we can help to make this somewhat daunting task much easier, by being a sponsor for your pro hac vice application.