Broadcast Lawyer in Chicago, IL

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates interstate communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable. As the media and telecommunication industry continues to grow, many FCC regulations are evolving as well. That’s why it is imperative that businesses located in these industries have a dedicated Broadcast lawyer in Chicago, IL by their side. We help our clients navigate the current federal and state guidelines to ensure compliance with FCC rules, so that they can operate their business successfully and avoid any surprises.

Broadcast law can pertain to any industry involving radio & TV stations including cable & satellite TV.

Complying With FCC Broadcasting Requirements

Broadcasting services fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) so they must comply with all standards and regulations. If you are a business that works with any broadcasting services, it can be confusing and complicated to know what practices are acceptable and which are not. Having a dedicated broadcast lawyer in Chicago, IL can help you avoid any unwanted surprises. 

What Do Broadcast Lawyers Do?

Our team of broadcast lawyers in Chicago, IL can assist you with all legal matters in relation to broadcasting and FCC compliance. If you are looking to start a new station, renewing a broadcasting license, or selling a station, our team of dedicated broadcast lawyers can help you achieve all of these goals with ease. 

Additionally, if you are experiencing issues in regards to broadcasting censorship, Telecom Law Professional can inform you of your rights and help you comply with the FCC to deliver the materials you wish to broadcast within the law. 

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