FCC Enforcement Lawyer in New York City

Telecommunications Law Professionals provides legal counsel and advocacy towards companies and firms that are under the scrutiny and investigation by either the FCC, Congress, or other law enforcement organization. Having an FCC enforcement lawyer in New York City that is up-to-date on all the rules & regulations imposed by the FCC can help you strategize and get through this process together. No matter how severe of a situation you think you’re in, Telecom Law Professionals can help you.

What Does The FCC Enforce?

In short, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) regulates all communications via radio, wire, satellite, television, and cable. With so much communication going on between businesses, it’s crucial to abide by the rules & regulations enforced by the FCC. 

Our unique team of experienced FCC enforcement lawyers in New York City can help your business win the most favorable decision in your unique situation. Our attorneys have the knowledge on the in’s and out’s of FCC enforcement to aggressively fight the FCC on your behalf. 

What Does A FCC Enforcement Lawyer Do?

  • Advocate for our FCC enforcement clients at both state and federal levels
  • Fight any investigation from FCC, FTC, Dept. of Justice (DOJ), Congress, EPA, and other security agencies. 
  •  Help VoIP & telecommunications providers with a proper defense against the FCC on local and nationwide levels. 
  • Assist you and your communications company from the moment you are being investigated via the FCC’s Letter of Inquiry (LOI).
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