FCC Lawyer in Chicago, IL

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates interstate communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable. As the media and telecommunication industry continues to grow, many FCC regulations are evolving as well. That’s why it is imperative that businesses located in these industries have a dedicated FCC lawyer in Chicago, IL by their side. We help our clients navigate the current federal and state guidelines to ensure compliance with FCC rules, so that they can operate their business successfully and avoid any surprises.

Navigating FCC Requirements

Telecommunications providers offering international or interstate services must comply with the FCC’s authorization requirements. The authorization process can be complicated and tedious, so it may be helpful to have an FCC lawyer in DC assist in the process. FCC requirements are always being challenged and updated, so businesses that are already authorized by the FCC still should have a dedicated FCC lawyer who can safely navigate this complicated regulations landscape.

Who Our FCC Lawyers Work With

Our team represents clients ranging in size from start-up companies to major publicly-traded corporations within the telecom and media sectors. Our FCC lawyers handle diverse contracts. These can include anything from merger and spectrum acquisition transactions, to FCC licensing proceedings and national security reviews. We have also succeeded in devising and implementing legislative, public policy and regulatory initiatives resulting in law and FCC regulation changes to benefit our clients’ interests. Our expertise relating to telecommunications and FCC regulations is vast, so please contact us for more information regarding what our FCC lawyers in Chicago, IL offer.

What Sets Our DC FCC Lawyers Apart?

Our FCC lawyers in Chicago, IL are experienced litigators able to hold our own against the biggest companies and best law firms in the world. We have extensive experience in federal, state and local court litigation, agency proceedings and arbitrations. Our founders previously thrived as leaders of the telecommunications practice group of a top tier international law firm. Now, we offer the same level of expertise and resources as a large elite firm, but with the client-friendly, focused service of a small, boutique firm. This allows our practice the flexibility to offer creative fee arrangements, which our clients love. Our team is committed to assisting clients in meeting substantial challenges they face in the rapidly changing wireless, wired, high- tech and media industries.

Choose TLP As Your FCC Lawyer in Chicago, IL

Our Chicago FCC lawyers have nearly a century of combined experience in the telecommunications industry, and have experienced its evolution toward a focus on wireless telecommunications – a topic that they have particular expertise in. Our team is filled with professionals from elite law firms around the world who all have extensive experience navigating cutting-edge legal and regulatory issues. Whether your legal issue involved litigation, contract negotiation, advocacy or strategic advice, Telecommunications Law Professionals offers a rare depth and breadth of expertise. We staff tasks efficiently so that outcomes are cost-effective and communicate well so clients can assess situations accurately, avoiding surprises. Contact us today to learn more about TLP.