Net Neutrality Lawyer in Menlo Park, CA

After the FCC’s historic decision to eliminate various rules regarding net neutrality in December of 2017, many telecommunications companies have been left wondering how it will affect them from a practical perspective.  As telecommunications experts in Menlo Park, Telecommunications Law Professionals PLLC is dedicated to keeping our clients up to date on the latest developments in the telecommunications sector and advising our clients on how changes in laws and regulations affect their practices and interests.

Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable lawyers work closely with clients to assist with the implementation of regulatory changes and strategic legislative initiatives to better ensure companies are in compliance with the current rules and regulations.  We prepare timely extensive summaries of important industry developments to inform our clients of these changes and provide them with the resources needed to avoid potential complications as a result of legal or regulatory changes.

Who We Work With

Telecommunications Law Professionals PLLC serves a wide variety of clients from all sectors of the telecommunications industry.  We work with both start-ups and major publicly-traded corporations, and everything in between.  As an open Internet expert in Menlo Park, we are here to ensure that all of our clients have the timely information and tools they need to adapt to changing regulations and protect their businesses’ interests.

How the 2017 Net Neutrality Repeal May Affect Businesses

While many companies have filed lawsuits in an attempt to appeal the FCC’s recent net neutrality  decision, it is still crucial for businesses large and small to understand how the new regulations may affect them in the likely event that the decision is not reversed.  Although exactly how businesses are affected may depend on the business’s size, revenue, Internet provider, and a variety of other factors, here are a few noteworthy takeaways from the FCC law:

  • Certain ISPs are no longer prohibited by FCC rule from blocking certain websites in favor of others, which may affect the access to these websites that businesses need in their day-to-day operations.

  • In addition, ISPs are no longer prohibited by FCC rule from slow ing down certain business’s websites and charging more to be able to maintain their web presence, which is crucial for expansion and reaching new customers.

  • Small businesses in particular may face financial challenges while some larger businesses with more revenue may not be as affected by potential additional charges.

Net Neutrality Lawyer in Menlo Park, CA: Telecommunications Law Professionals PLLC

Your business’s success depends on understanding and adapting to any changing laws and regulations in the telecommunications sector.  The FCC’s recent net neutrality decision is a landmark decision that will most likely affect many businesses across the United States.  Understanding how to protect your rights and your business’s interests is crucial for remaining successful and being able to expand in this changing climate.

We offer in-depth advising that includes an extensive summary of the net neutrality repeal and assessing your business to identify ways the FCC law will affect you.  We will also help you launch any public policy, legislative, or regulatory initiatives needed to protect your rights and best interests.

Make sure your business will stay on top even as regulations change. Contact us online to speak to a net neutrality lawyer in Menlo Park, CA.