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With the recent appeal of Net Neutrality in 2017, the law & regulations in regards to the internet have been constantly changing. Having an open internet lawyer in Atlanta GA at your disposal can significantly benefit your business by always staying current, and up-to-date with the laws so you can avoid major mistakes. 

What Does Open Internet Mean?

An open internet, often synonymous with net neutrality, is the idea that all data & information across the worldwide web should be equally accessible to all without variances due to the agenda and motives of particular Internet Service Providers (ISP’s). Our open internet lawyers in Atlanta GA at Telecommunications Law Professionals can ensure that your business is abiding by all the laws & regulations imposed by the FCC in regards to net neutrality and an open internet.

The internet being open to all and net neutral offers plenty of benefits to businesses, especially those who conduct business overseas. Here are a few benefits of an open internet:

  1. Equal access to information – open internet means everyone, not just particular demographic groups, have access to information that is posted online. 
  2. Ability for collaboration – as a result of equal access to information, its allowed our businesses to conduct business with other organizations/corporations across oceans.
  3. Freedom of expression – an open internet allows anyone to express their voice/opinion as long as it falls within legal boundaries. Without an open internet, internet service providers would be able to block certain content from a rival provider for example. 

What Does An Open Internet Lawyer Do?

  • Assist your business with the generation and maintenance of websites and business conducted online
  • Ensure your business is abiding by the ever-changing regulations from the FCC.
  • Help you solve issues related to – online censorship, domain name, intellectual property, and online privacy. 


Because the internet is constantly changing at a rapid rate, you want an open internet lawyer by your side who is up-to-date on all laws & regulations so your business doesn’t make any fatal errors when conducting business online.

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