Privacy Lawyer in Chicago, IL

Online privacy and protection of data is priceless in today’s rapidly changing telecommunications industry. Every business relies on some form of online data, whether they store their internal files in the Cloud, collect customers’ financial or otherwise sensitive information, or routinely conduct valuable industry research to help their business grow. In any case, data runs businesses, and it must be protected at all costs.

Telecommunications Law Professionals PLLC, in Chicago always keeps our clients up-to-date on any changing privacy policy regulations and what it means for their business. We provide expert guidance with respect to actual and potential privacy rules and help businesses understand the best steps to take when changes do occur. Our depth of knowledge and wealth of experience allows us to assist our clients with just about any policy change.

Protection of Data

From writing privacy policies to ensuring all sensitive data stays secure, this can be a lot for a business to tackle without professional guidance. The privacy lawyers at Telecommunications Law Professionals PLLC always keep an eye on current privacy regulations and policies and help our clients adapt to any changes. This helps ensure  that our clients maintain compliance and avoid fines and/or data breaches, even as regulations shift. We can assist our clients with writing comprehensive privacy policies that not only help their customers understand how their data is being used, but better protect the company in the event of any disputes.


Unfortunately, cyber attacks and security breaches are all too common. Between identity theft through stealing someone’s credit card information or a hacker breaking into a database and gaining access to an entire customer base’s private information, there is sadly always someone looking to access the sensitive parts of websites and use it to their advantage.

Maintaining cybersecurity is crucial for individuals and businesses alike, which is why businesses in the telecommunications sector should contact a privacy lawyer in Chicago, IL for expert guidance. We help our clients understand any significant cybersecurity policy changes as well as provide suggestions for how to handle a cybersecurity attack. We ensure our clients are well-prepared for any attempted (or successful) cybersecurity attacks and breaches.

Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)

Telecommunications service providers must protect their customer proprietary network information (CPNI) and ensure it remains private. CPNI includes information such as a customer’s specific service plan, how much it costs them, and how much of the service they use on a routine basis. Service providers are not allowed to sell or market this sensitive information (without first undergoing certain approval or notice procedures) . Our knowledgeable privacy lawyers in Chicago, IL inform clients of their CPNI obligations and assist with ways to ensure this information is adequately protected.

Maintain Your Company’s Privacy & Security With a Privacy Lawyer in Chicago, IL

Telecommunications Law Professionals PLLC has a team of privacy lawyers in Chicago, IL ready to provide consulting to ensure they stay up-to-date on and adapt to any telecommunications industry changes as needed. Our privacy services include consulting for protection of data, cybersecurity, and CPNI. In addition, we offer advice and resources for legislative and regulatory policy issues, FCC licensing proceedings, intercarrier agreements, notice and comment regulatory proceedings, and much more.