Spectrum Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

Use of radio frequencies along electromagnetic spectrum utilized for nearly all wireless communication needs. Businesses and organizations within the telecommunications industry have made ample use of available frequencies along the radio spectrum, fostering its boost in popularity in the modern world. However, radio spectrum does not have an infinite supply—it is a limited resource that must be strictly regulated to prevent interference between channels.

Because of the increasing demand for bands on the radio spectrum, agencies like the Federal Communication Commissions (FCC), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) must enforce legal provisions on its use and allocation. As the laws and regulations surrounding the radiocommunications industry evolve with time, it is important that businesses, organizations, and individuals making use of this remarkable technology consult with a knowledgeable spectrum lawyer in Atlanta, GA.

Telecommunications Law Professionals has an experienced team of spectrum attorneys in Atlanta, GA that will work diligently with clients to find creative, practical solutions to even the most difficult legal problems faced regarding the spectrum policy and issues. Our telecommunications lawyers possess a vast experience with legal matters concerning all types of spectrum, including cellular, PCS, AWS, 600 MHz, 700 MHz, SMR, mmW (millimeter wave), 2.5 GHz, and WCS.

Our spectrum experience includes, but is not limited to, the following:

FCC Spectrum Auctions

To fairly distribute bands of the radio spectrum, the FCC uses an auction system to sell rights and licenses of the frequencies to the parties that want to put spectrum to its highest and best use. Telecommunications Law Professionals’ Atlanta attorneys have participate in spectrum auctions since their inception, and have the necessary experience to prepare entities before, during and after a spectrum auction.

Transferring Control or Assignment of Spectrum Bands

TLP attorneys have significant experience and expertise in the assignment and transferring of spectrum licenses. We can provide assistance with the drafting of spectrum –related agreements, as well as prepare the necessary FCC applications and guide you through the regulatory process.

Rules and Regulations Governing Spectrum

TLP attorneys have substantial experience with the rules and regulations governing wireless spectrum.  Its critical that entities ensure that their business plans incorporate FCC rule compliance, and TLP is able to guide businesses each step of the way to make sure that entities achieve their goals in the telecommunications industry and avoid repercussions for accidental mistakes.

Telecommunications Law Professionals: Experienced Spectrum Attorneys in Atlanta, GA

At TLP, our spectrum attorneys in Atlanta, GA have specialized in communications law for the entirety of their careers. We are determined to assist you with any  legal challenge faced within the rapidly changing wireless, wired, high-tech, and media industries. For the assistance you need, give us a call today at (202) 789-3120, or fill out an online contact form to speak with one of our lawyers.