FCC Seeking Comment on Initial Clearing Target Optimization Simulations

The FCC has released the results of several initial clearing target optimization simulations completed by the Incentive Auction Task Force.  The simulations reflect three different illustrative broadcaster participation scenarios: (1) participation between 40 and 50 percent of broadcast stations; (2) participation between 50 and 60 percent; and (3) participation between 60 and 70 percent.  Resulting spectrum availability for the forward auction may be reviewed in Appendix A.  The Commission anticipates that this data will enable interested parties to analyze issues relating to the selection of an initial spectrum clearing target.

The simulations indicate the following initial clearing targets:

  • an initial clearing target of 84 megahertz in a scenario where 40 to 50 percent of broadcasters participate in the reverse auction (Scenario 1);
  • an initial clearing target of 114 megahertz in a scenario where 50 to 60 percent participate (Scenario 2); and
  • an initial clearing target of 126 megahertz in a scenario where 60 to 70 percent participate (Scenario 3).

Under each scenario, the vast majority of the licenses offered in the band plan associated with each clearing target are Category 1 licenses.  The FCC also finds that in lower broadcaster participation scenarios, excluding stations altogether from the duplex gap would increase the number of Category 2 licenses and heavily impaired licenses that the

Commission proposed not to offer in the incentive auction.

Comments on this data and analysis are due on June 3, 2015.

Please do not hesitate to contact TLP if you have any questions.

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