FCC Announces $17.5 Million Settlement with T-Mobile

The FCC has released a Public Notice announcing its $17.5 million settlement with T-Mobile.  The Consent Decree and Order are related to two 911 outages that occurred on August 8, 2014.  According to the Commission, the “sunny day” outages, caused by a computer glitch, lasted for approximately three hours and prevented almost all of their 50 million customers from reaching 911 from their mobile devices.  In addition to the $17.5 million fine, T-Mobile must implement a compliance plan to adopt proactive risk management principles designed to reduce the likelihood and impact of future outages.  Additionally, T-Mobile must file compliance reports with the Bureau until the termination of the Consent Decree.

This marks the largest 911 outage settlement to-date and is the agency’s fourth major enforcement action in this area.

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